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Circular Merchandise

We redefine merchandise by using only upcycled materials, such as used fire hoses, spent coffee grounds, plastic coated papers (ToGo cups) , end of use garment and other natural fibres. We proof to the industry, that merchandise articles do not have to be made from virgin wood or even plastic.

Eco-friendly and sustainable promotional products are one of the most popular ranges of branded merchandise. With climate change and the war on single-use plastic being big news topics, everyone is looking to become more eco-friendly. We have an ever-evolving selection of eco-friendly merchandise that are recyclable, sustainable and kind to the environment.

We mainly produce in workshops for people with special needs. Wherever possible, we use green logistics to transport our products to our customers.

  • Coffee Clock
  • Tablets from used denim
  • Hand bags from recycled coffee grounds, denim & ToGo cups
  • Hand bags from recycled coffee grounds & ToGo cups