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Circular Furniture

The fact that a piece of furniture (a chair, a bench, a table ...) is more or less sustainable depends on its life cycle, its duration and the subsequent management of its waste. That is what differentiates sustainable furniture from conventional. This is what we know as a circular economy. But what do we understand by this concept of circular economy?

The circular economy is based on the use of resources. A system that attempts to reduce both the use of raw materials and the generation of waste. The idea is to reuse and recycle, always adding value. In the case of furniture, the idea is that if a piece of furniture reaches the end of its life, its materials can continue to be part of the economy, giving life to another piece of furniture. That is circular economy.

The choice of materials is the key to achieve healthy furniture for the planet. Access to materials should be as close as possible, that is, the more local the material, the more sustainable the furniture will be. At last, we want to achieve the smallest footprint of environmental impact.

But the design of the piece must also show the idea of the ecological. In this sense, you have to think of functional designs that have more than one use (for example, a stool that can be used as a side table); designs with a long service life and ready to be repaired; and designs that can be easily disassembled for recycling.

We understand, that we are using an agressive approach, but we learned that especially the merchandise industry is open for change towards a cleaner environment.

It is time to cry out for social and ecological change.

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